133 Extreme Crack & Joint Sealant

Elastek 133 Label Litho 2gal 2016-02-22 PAIL MOCK UP

E-Las-Tek® 133 Extreme Crack & Joint Sealant is a thick, white, long-lasting elastomeric sealant that won’t dry out or crack over time.


  • Exceptional adhesion and water resistance
  • Multi-purpose problem solver
  • Outlasts asphalt fillers and cements
  • Will not sag on vertical surfaces
  • Ideal for filling holes, gaps, seams, joints, and cracks in a wide variety of above-grade substrates
  • Can be used for repairing foam roofs, pitched roofs, trailer roofs, fl at roofs, and parapets
  • Suitable for most PVC, Hypalon, and modifi ed bitumen roofs
  • Perfect for repairing most metal and wood surfaces
  • No cracking or bleed-through
  • Fast cure time


  • 2 Gal. Pail


  • White
  • Energy Tan


  • Energy Star listed