500 Sealer Emulsion

Elastek 500

E-Las-Tek® 500 Sealer Emulsion is thick, paste-like, black, reinforced coating containing refined asphalt, bentonite clay, and emulsifiers in an emulsion form for use with Elastek® elastomeric coatings. Puddle Plaster is designed for use as a non-permanent means of reducing the depth of roof depressions thereby reducing the potential for ponding water.


  • Designed for use as a maintenance coating and final seal coating on cold-process roofing before top coating
  • Resistant to mud-cracking and drying problems
  • Good breathing properties
  • Can be used in scupper areas, around drains and valleys, and in low areas expected to trap water
  • Will not re-emulsify in ponding water
  • Cures to a firm, durable, flexible emulsion
  • Strengthens most roofing materials
  • Should be coated with an Elastek top coating to fill any pin-holes and to protect from sun damage
  • Usually will not discolor white roof coating
  • May be used over most existing asphalt roofing
  • Apply with putty knife or trowel


  • 5 Gal. Pail


  • Black