505 Puddle Plaster

Elastek 505

E-Las-Tek® 505 Puddle Plaster is a thick, paste-like, black reinforced coating containing asphalt emulsion, fiberglass, and a thick, lightweight filler. 505 can be used in scupper areas, around drains and valleys, and in low areas expected to trap water. It can be used to divert water from behind chimneys or other roof penetrations. It will not re-emulsify in ponding water. Once cured and top-coated, this emulsion is fi rm, durable, and flexible. 505 Puddle Plaster is not elastomeric.


  • Lightweight, easy-to-apply, effective, and water resistant
  • Outstanding resistance to oxidation and aging
  • For asphalt built-up, granulated, modified bitumen, and metal roofs
  • May be used over most existing asphalt roofing, wood, metal, concrete, or masonry
  • Usually will not discolor white topcoat
  • Designed for use as a maintenance coating and final seal coating on cold-process roofing before top coating
  • Reinforcing fibers strengthen the coating, and allow thick applications without sag or slump
  • Resistant to mud-cracking and drying problems
  • Good breathing properties
  • Can be used in scupper areas, around drains and valleys, and in low areas expected to trap water
  • Will not re-emulsify in ponding water
  • Cures to a firm, durable, flexible emulsion
  • When applied to recommended thickness, Sealer Emulsion is highly resistant to ponding water and severe moisture conditions
  • In place of standard asphalt emulsion when greater durability, flexibility, and water resistance are desired
  • On roofs, Sealer Emulsion should be coated with Elastek top coatings to protect from sun damage
  • May be used as saturant for roofing fabric


  • 5 Gal. Pail


  • Black