About Us

cropped-Elastek-Logo-square.png.pngE-Las-Tek® a brand of Holcim, provides elastomeric cool roof coatings and repair materials that are among the most energy-saving products available in the desert Southwest market. E-Las-Tek® leads the industry in cool roof technology. This site introduces  you to our entire line of roof coating and repair products. You’ll discover that E-Las-Tek® products are durable, long-lasting, energy-saving, and environmentally sound.

As with most jobs, the roof-coating application process is as important as the products you choose. If you’re planning to coat a roof soon, please review our How To Apply Roof Coating training video for tips on roof preparation, coating, repair application, and continued roof maintenance.

Keep your roof cool and the inside even cooler — with E-Las-Tek® cool roof coatings. Save a roof, save energy, save the environment — use E-Las-Tek® cool roof coating products.

E-Las-Tek® products are manufactured by Holcim Solutions and Products US, LLC.

By choosing E-Las-Tek® roof coatings, you are making a green choice. Our environmentally friendly products reflect UV rays and keep roofs cooler. This reduces the utility cost of cooling a home. Our coatings are long lasting and, when applied with a PolyTek Fabric, can sustain your roof indefinitely, thus saving it from cluttering the landfill. Cooler, reflective roofs also reduce the heat island affect in urban areas. Five of our coatings are Energy Star® qualified — 120 Solar Tek Extreme Plus, 127 Solar One Plus, 109 Solar Magic, and 114 The Shield.